Key Challenge

How should Scotland change how it travels by land to tackle the climate emergency in an effective and fair way?

Saturday 9 January


Welcome back for Saturday afternoon session


Introduction to the four key challenges for work and travel– Presentation by Expert Leads Kevin Anderson and John Ward



Introduction to the key challenges for surface travel– Presentation by Expert Lead Kevin Anderson




Informant -Presentation by Professor Jillian Anable from University of Leeds

Jillian Anable Transcript



Advocate – Presentation by Matt McDonald from Transform Scotland

Matt McDonald Transcript



Advocate -Presentation by Ellie Harrison from Get Glasgow Moving

Ellie Harrison Transcript


Advocate - Presentation by Alastair McInroy from Mobility as a Services (MaaS)/Technology Scotland

Alastair McInroy Transcript



Advocate - Presentation by Stuart Hay from Living Streets

Stuart Hay Transcript




Closing statements


Meeting 1 of Scotland’s Climate Assembly Weekend 3 concluded