February 3, 2021

Update: Scotland's Climate Assembly starts the New Year with Weekend Three!


Happy New Year to all! It was straight to work in 2021 for our Assembly Members, as they met on the 9th & 10th January for Weekend Three and the first Assembly meeting of the year. 


Imagined Futures

In the first session of the weekend, the full cohort of Assembly members gathered to think about how change happens and who drives it.

There are many ideas for tackling climate change in all areas of society, but what might a future featuring those policies look like? Using a method favoured by policy-makers, academics and business, Forum for the Future presented the Assembly with four different future scenarios. These fictional stories were not a set of options, nor were they portraits of any single proposal. Instead, they showed exaggerated futures intended to provoke reactions, and get members thinking about the kind of future they want to see. Four perspectives were explored: Civic Provision and Regulation, Techno Optimism, Climate Mobilisation and Collaborative Communities.



For the rest of the weekend, members divided into their streams and spent the weekend in these groups considering evidence. In each stream they heard from informants who presented an overview of the central challenge. This was followed by a number of advocates who presented their preferred policy options to address the challenge, either in their own view or the view of the organisation they represented. 

In the final session on Sunday afternoon, the aim for members was to agree the process for developing recommendations and to propose priority areas based on the evidence they had heard so far.

All presentations made to the Assembly on Weekend Three can be found on our website and YouTube channel; you can find all plenary sessions and reflections from Members in the same place. Hear the evidence, just as it was presented to the Assembly. 


Observer Sessions

The weekend ended with a live session for our registered observers. We were joined on Sunday by a variety of academics, interested members of the public and representatives from organisations such as the Farm Advisory Service, Transport Scotland, Scotland Food & Drink and Keep Scotland Beautiful. If you are interested in observing an Assembly meeting, please do register here


Assemblies Worldwide

Citizens' assemblies continue to explore knotty issues all over the world. The citizens' assembly on the Future of Scotland Assembly launched its final report this week, capturing attendees' shared vision and recommendations: explore the report here.  


Continuous Improvement

After each Assembly meeting, members are presented with a survey asking about their experience of the weekend. This is an opportunity to share their feedback anonymously: results are presented to the Design team and Secretariat so problems can be fixed before the next weekend. Meet the research team.