March 19, 2021

Update: The Penultimate Weekend


Assembly members gathered for the sixth and penultimate meeting on the 6th & 7th March. Having spent the past three weekends in their workstreams, members had this opportunity to present and justify their proposals to fellow members and to discuss what goals and recommendations they would collectively like to prioritise. 

While evidence presentations have come to an end, this weekend offered other inspiration: members heard the final contribution from the Children's Parliament, and, while waiting for sessions to open, saw examples of Scottish community climate action already underway. 

At the Observer session, we explored Assembly process and the work to translate this online, with some especially interesting insights from the table facilitators working directly with members.

Children's Parliament
The Children's Parliament have been running their own investigative process alongside the main Assembly, and are likewise nearing the close. This weekend they shared their final video - and some exciting calls to action. These included sharing libraries, community gardens and a national tree-planting day! The children will be meeting with some of our Assembly members this weekend to share their ideas. Watch here.

Community Climate Action
While members waited for the weekend to open, and to inspire them for the sessions ahead, they were presented with a few Scottish examples of community climate action. These were commissioned by the Stewarding Group, and capture some of the work already lead by communities to tackle climate change fairly and effectively.  Watch here.

At this weekend's Observer session, we explored Assembly process, deliberation and the nature of facilitation online. Observers heard from Brett Hennig of the Sortition Foundation on the recruitment process. Dr Oliver Escobar of University of Edinburgh (also on the Stewarding Group) spoke about governance of the Assembly, and Kelly McBride, Democratic Society, explained voting procedures. Kaela Scott of Involve shared the experience of facilitating remotely, and a number of table facilitators shared some fascinating insights into how small group discussion works online. This was followed by a lively Q&A, with our favourite response from Oliver on media engagement: 'We live in a time of fast food politics and it's difficult to get people interested in slowly cooked politics'. 
Watch here.