February 3, 2021

Update: Members vote for an Additional Weekend during Weekend 4


Members met on the 23rd and 24th January for Weekend Four, to continue their work on the three evidence streams.

This time the focus fell on broad themes of Work, Lifestyle and Communities. Members devoted the majority of their time to considering evidence and taking first steps towards recommendations. In each stream they heard from informants who presented an overview of the central challenge. This was followed by a number of advocates who presented their preferred policy options to address the challenge, either in their own view or the view of the organisation they represented. In Lifestyle, they heard about materials, resources and how we buy. In Communities, members considered community planning and how community services are delivered. And in Work, they thought about the kind of jobs we might need to tackle climate change, and how we can change the way we work to do the same. 

All presentations made to the Assembly can be found on our website and YouTube channel; you can find all plenary sessions and reflections from Members in the same place. Hear the evidence, just as it was presented to the Assembly.  



In addition to their streams this weekend, members also returned to their 22 propositions on fairness that they had created in the first Assembly stages. They'll use the final propositions to guide them in their recommendations. 



The process of developing recommendations allows members to deliberate, review and reconsider. Members will be able to request further evidence, as well as 'technical review' to check their recommendations against existing policy. 


Announcing Weekend 7

From the outset, members have had the option to request additional time to come up with their recommendations. This weekend it was put to a vote: 86% of the 101 members who participated, voted for an additional weekend. This will go ahead on the 20th and 21st March. We'll be working with members to understand how they want to use that time, and what additional evidence they want to hear. 


Observers Sessions

The weekend ended with a live session for our registered observers. We were joined on Sunday by a variety of academics, interested members of the public and representatives from organisations such as Aberlour, Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage and South of Scotland Enterprise as well as international ministries and Scottish councillors. If you are interested in observing an Assembly meeting, please do register here.