March 21, 2021

Update: The Climate Change Committee and Scotland's Climate Change Plan


Members met on the 20th and 21st February to review the evidence and ask their final questions before they come back together in Weekend Six.

There were new inputs to help Members clarify the evidence: Chris Stark of the Climate Change Committee talked about costs and ambitions on the path to Net Zero. He advised the Assembly to focus on the 'how', rather than the 'what' questions, adding: 'The UK is going to struggle to meet its 2050 target if Scotland doesn't get there sooner'

On Sunday Fabrice Leveque, Head of Policy at WWF Scotland, offered his review of the updated Climate Change Plan on behalf of the Climate Emergency Response Group. Fabrice said: 'There's still quite a lot to play for and I think the Assembly could really shine a good, useful light on some of the tricky issues bound up within the Plan'.

 Both sessions were followed by Q&As, giving Members the chance to grill the experts on their evidence. 

On the morning of each day, Members took part in an 'information carousel', in which small groups had time with a rotating series of experts in order to ask questions and test ideas. The high-speed session left experts reeling and members invigorated. 

Assemblies in the News

Assemblies were a hot topic as the Citizens' Assembly of Scotland laid its report in Parliament last week, and Scotland's Climate Assembly enjoyed a few honourable mentions. Philosopher Roman Kznaric explored how deliberative politics can make us 'better ancestors', and the Independent Catholic News reported on the approach to COP26.