February 3, 2021

Update: Assembly Meets on Anniversary of Paris Agreement for a Second Weekend


On the 5th anniversary of the international Paris Agreement on climate change, Assembly Members were reunited on Zoom for the second weekend of Scotland's Climate Assembly. 

This weekend was focused on the Scottish context. On Saturday, the aim of the day was to give the Assembly members an introduction to where Scotland's climate emissions come from and what negative emissions are. Members heard about how Scotland generates and uses energy and where our electricity comes from as well as who has the power to take action to tackle climate change. Members were then presented with some of the key challenges in different areas of emissions reduction. 

On Sunday, Members considered how Scotland is reacting to the impacts of climate change and the nature of the targets currently set. They started to think about the financing of policy and incentives, and heard from a range of perspectives on fairness and its meaning for climate change. 

All presentations made to the Assembly on Weekend Two can be found on our website and YouTube channel; you can find all plenary sessions and reflections from Members in the same place. Hear the evidence, just as it was presented to the Assembly. 

Deliberative Design

The evidence is only one part of Scotland's Climate Assembly. It's down to the design and facilitation teams to help Assembly members question and discuss what they hear, and to ensure everyone's voice is heard as members move gradually towards recommendations. They're a creative and experienced team - captured above by facilitator Gary Austin.


Merry Christmas

The Weekend Two Zoom call ended with some spontaneous Christmas music and calls across the screen to have a happy holiday. We look forward to welcoming our members back again in the New Year. Weekend Three will take place on the 9th & 10th January.