The Secretariat has been working hard to develop our Assembly meetings so that they adhere to the Scottish Government guidelines on how to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

In light of the current restrictions and ongoing Covid-19 situation, the Assembly will be online until further notice. We will continue to follow updates to these guidelines closely and continue to review how we can safely deliver the Assembly meetings.

All evidence sessions will be recorded and links to these sessions will be available via the links below.

Please keep an eye on our social media pages and website for updates.

7 & 8 November

Evidence sessions are now posted for the first weekend of Scotland's Climate Assembly. Please click on the 'Meeting 1' link above to view the detailed agendas and video links from our first weekend.


Weekend 1 Agenda

Saturday –

Aim: to give the Assembly members an introduction to climate change.

The first day will include an introduction to climate change and a discussion about the urgency of addressing this global issue. We will also introduce some of the causes and impacts as well as ideas and opportunities for change as we move into the future.


Aim: to explore what climate change means for us and barriers to change.

In the second day of our first Assembly weekend, we will introduce the concepts of ‘mitigation’ (how we can reduce our contribution to climate change) and ‘adaptation’ (how we live with climate change).

We will also introduce the context for needing to take climate action including a discussion on what factors we need to consider when tackling climate change.