Including Children and Young People

The members of Scotland's Climate Assembly are aged 16 and over. To make sure children's views, experiences and ideas were integrated into the Assembly, Children's Parliament was invited to develop an integrated process to support the participation and engagement of children across Scotland. 

To capture the diversity of children's views and experiences, and to echo the process of the Assembly, Children's Parliament worked with over 100 children across Scotland from ten schools. The children were selected to ensure a mix of gender, household income and ethnicity, representing both urban and rural communities. 

Children's Parliament has worked in partnership with the Assembly to ensure the children received age-appropriate information that paralleled the evidence presented to Assembly members. 

Over five months, the children completed three surveys, and in March, the children voted to prioritise 42 Calls to Action. 

These were presented to Assembly members and members were given the opportunity to meet with the children to discuss their priorities.

Quotes from the children sharing their views and experiences are integrated into this report. The 42 Calls to Action will be included in the full Report, to be published in May 2021.