An essential part of Scotland's Climate Assembly was the opportunity for Assembly members to learn about the climate change emergency and hear balanced, accurate and comprehensive information and evidence on different approaches to tackling it. 

The development of the evidence for the Assembly was overseen by the Evidence Group. Members of the Evidence Group were selected as experts in their respective fields and to bring a range of different perspectives on how to tackle the climate emergency. Their role was to ensure the evidence presented was balanced, accurate and comprehensive.

Over 100 people provided evidence to the Assembly. This included video presentations, question and answer sessions and joining members in breakout room discussions. All of these presentations can be found on the Assembly's website


Iain Stewart

Professor Iain Stewart helped to guide the members through the learning journey as the Assembly's Lead Communicator. 

"Scotland's Climate Assembly is about more than just getting to grips with the economic, social and environmental choices our nation faces in response to the climate emergency. It's about gaining a better sense of how we in Scotland view our place in the wider world – our roles and responsibilities as global citizens on a planet that is rapidly transforming.

Our members have admirably risen to the task in challenging circumstances, crafting a series of well-informed, thoughtful goals for climate action."

The next page sets out the members' learning journey and the key questions they have considered.