Scotland’s Climate Assembly: Recommendations for Action - Parliament Handover

On the 23rd June, Assembly members Ima and Iain and Children’s Parliament Climate Investigators Nadia, Tyler and Ayesha were invited to the Scottish Parliament to give their report to the leaders of Scotland’s political parties. The Climate Investigators and Assembly members discussed the report with the leaders with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon telling them that she had already started reading the report. MSPs representing the members and climate investigators also met them outside Parliament to mark the publication of their report.

Photo of Assembly Members outside Parliament

Scotland’s Climate Assembly: A call to action - Scotland’s Futures Forum

On Wednesday 18th August five Members of Scotland’s Climate Assembly and three Climate Investigators from the Children’s Parliament took part in a panel discussion organised by Scotland’s Futures Forum, the Scottish Parliament’s think tank. The Assembly members and Climate Investigators discussed their journey through the assembly process and recommendations and calls to action they made. The Assembly members were joined by Professor Iain Stewart, Communications Lead for Scotland’s Climate Assembly’s Evidence Group.


Scotland’s Climate Assembly gives evidence to the Net Zero, Energy and Transport Committee

On Tuesday 28th September 2021, Assembly member Jocelyn appeared alongside Susie Townend, Head of Secretariat and Katie Reid from the Children’s Parliament to give evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Net Zero, Energy and Transport Committee on the Assembly’s work. During her appearance Jocelyn highlighted that many people are unaware of the carbon emissions from the things that we buy, the services that we use, and the choices that we make in our daily lives about our diet and our general consumerism. She told the Committee that those are areas in which we need to try to make people see a new norm. Jocelyn also spoke to the Committee regarding the Assembly’s recommendations on housing, material reuse and recycling and public and active transport. An overview of the Assembly and its recommendations was also submitted as written evidence to the committee. You can see a video of Jocelyn presenting evidence below.

Assembly Members Aswad, Susie and Ellie asked questions of the First Minister

On Monday 25th October 2021, the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon answered questions from Scotland's Climate Assembly members and others. Assembly member Aswad's question on public transport moved the First Minister to comment on the Assembly's work in general:

"A final point I would make ... is just to say how valuable that work was. ... [A] real commitment on the part of the government to taking it forward, because the value of [Scotland's Climate Assembly] is that the outcome from it reflects what people from across the country think is necessary if, as a society, we're going to live up to the challenge we face right now."

You can find a recording of this event here.

Photo of Aswad, Ellie, Susie and the FM