Scotland’s Climate Assembly will be independent of Ministers, Government, and Parliament.



Selected assembly members will be broadly representative of the Scottish population.



The operation of the Assembly will be transparent and the materials provided to inform discussion will be made public. Only the deliberative sessions of the Assembly will not be accessible to those outside of the Assembly itself.


Stewarding Group

To ensure balance and legitimacy in the establishment, conduct, and reporting of the Citizens’ Assembly an independent Stewarding Group representing stakeholders has been appointed.


Financial compensation

People who take part in the Assembly will receive a monetary gift to compensate them for their time and any expenses incurred as a result of participating in the Assembly will be covered.


Professional facilitation

Discussions that take place during the Assembly will be guided by independent, professional facilitators to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to share their views.



Throughout the Assembly, experts will provide evidence and answer questions from the Assembly members.


Memorandum of Understanding

A Memorandum of Understanding sets out the arrangements in place between Scottish Government and the Secretariat for Scotland's Climate Assembly. This is to ensure that the Assembly: delivers on its statutory requirements independently of government; has the resources it requires to deliver its statutory requirements; is run to high standards of public administration; and uses public resources efficiently.

Memorandum of Understanding