Can I apply to take part in the assembly?

Assembly members will be selected using a process called a postal civic lottery. This process ensures that the assembly will be broadly representative of the Scottish population as a whole. You can read more information about our member selection process here.

Because assembly members will be selected in this way, it is not possible to apply to take part if you have not received an invitation to apply in the mail. You can however still experience key parts of the assembly. We will publish all briefing materials created for assembly members on this website. We will also livestream the evidence sessions from the assembly - just go to the homepage of the website to watch.

Can I speak at / give evidence to the assembly?

Organisations and individuals cannot apply to be a speaker at the assembly. The evidence that assembly members will hear is balanced, accurate, and comprehensive.

Can I join the assembly’s Stewarding Group?

The Stewarding Group is made up of specially selected individuals who represent stakeholders from across Scotland. The members of this group were identified and invited to be a part of this process at the beginning of this year and have been instrumental in helping to design Scotland’s Climate Assembly. You can read more information about the Stewarding Group and who the members are here.

Can I observe the assembly meetings?

Covid-19 has caused several changes to the Assembly’s proceedings and for now we are not able to hold Assembly meetings in person: most or all of our meetings will take place online.

Principles of transparency and accessibility govern Scotland’s Climate Assembly. All evidence sessions will be recorded so we would invite anyone who is interested to watch these sessions. Links to watch the evidence sessions will be available on the 'Meetings' page of this website.

However, we will also be hosting virtual observer sessions where you will be able to learn more about the Assembly’s evidence base and deliberative process and to get involved with Q&As with some of our speakers. While the majority of observer places will be by invitation, requests to observe are very welcome. To apply to observe an Assembly meeting, please complete this form. Any questions should be directed to

The deliberations between Assembly members are private and it is not possible for observers to listen to or participate in those discussions. If circumstances allow assembly meetings to be held in person, arrangements will be made to accommodate observers.

Where can I see the final recommendations made by the assembly?

During the assembly, members will use the information they have received to create recommendations that will be delivered to the Scottish Parliament. The original deadline for recommendations was 28 February 2021 but due to the on-going Covid-19 pandemic, Parliament agreed to extend this deadline, if required. Information about when the recommendations will be delivered to Parliament and made available to the public will be updated on our social media channels and on this website.

How do I sign up to stay in touch?

The best way to stay in touch is to follow us on our social media channels: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram