Greenhouse gas effect, global warming and climate change

See the Met Office's definition of climate change

See Carbon Brief's analysis on the scientific certainty on climate change

Watch this short clip by MinuteEarth on how greenhouse gases work

Watch another short clip by MinuteEarth that asks us 'is climate change just a lot of hot air?'

Watch a clip by Climate Adam on everything you need to know about climate change

See the IPCC's Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C

Climate change in Scotland

Explore this page by Scottish Natural Heritage about the impacts climate change is having in Scotland

See this Adaptation Scotland report on climate trends and predictions

See the International Union for Conservation of Nature's (IUCN) issues brief on peatlands and climate change

Explore this interactive flood map put together by Climate Central

Climate change and Covid-19

See this report by the Committee on Climate Change's (CCC) on recovering from Covid-19

For kids

Explore this page on BBC Bitesize with kid-friendly clips and information on understanding climate change and global warming

See more kid-friendly clips and information from BCC Bitesize on greenhouse gases

Communicating climate change

Watch this short clip by Climate Adam on how (not) to talk about climate change

Watch this interview of George Marshall from the Climate Outreach Information Network

Additional Information for Weekend 1

The following materials were shared with Assembly members on their learning platform as extra resources for the first Assembly weekend:


Watch this short clip about how the climate has changed in the past

Hear some personal stories about the human impact of climate change

Watch this short clip about uncertainty and science

Read this report about the correlation between climate change and the Arab Spring

Watch this short clip about how Bangladesh has adapted to climate change

Watch this video by the United Nations about adapting to a changing climate

Watch this short clip about smart climate change adaptation in practice

Use this interactive map to see how areas around the world have warmed

See the CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions profiles of different countries

See the global greenhouse gas emissions of different sectors

Additional Information for Weekend 2

Use this climate change food calculator to find our what your diet's carbon footprint is

Watch this short clip about the role and powers of the Scottish Parliament

Read this report on Scotland's greenhouse gas emissions between 1990-2018

Explore this interactive map of global emissions

See the key finding infographic report for the Scottish House Condition Survey 2019

Learn about two examples of community climate action - Soul Riders and Bike for Good

Read more about mitigation and adaptation to climate change

Learn more about what the global shift in diets means for climate change

Read Scotland's Just Transition Commission interim report

Read the Just Transition Commission's advice for a green recovery

Read this study on reducing inequality from U.K. low-carbon policy

Additional Information for Weekend 3

Additional Information for Weekend 4

Additional Information for Weekend 5

The following infographics were provided to help members understand what policies currently exist as part of Scotland's Climate Change Plan Update:



Homes and Communities

Land Use

Waste and the Circular Economy


Additionally, these infographics were provided as additional resources:

Just Transition Commission

8 Design Principles for Climate and Carbon Conscious Places

Passivhaus Simple Rules for Good Design

Fuel Poverty

20-Minute Neighbourhoods

Food and Climate Change

Circular Economy Principles

Food Carbon Tax and Subsidies


Read this article about Italy making climate change a compulsory subject in schools

Read this article about President Biden's executive orders on the climate and environment

Read this column about the United State's proposed Green New Deal

Read this article about Finland's universal basic income trial

Additional Information for Weekend 6

To prepare for Weekend 6, members were invited to review evidence summaries from each of the different streams:





Diet and Land Use



Read Children's Parliament's March Report