ABS // Area Based Schemes

AECS // Agri-Environment Climate Scheme

AMCF // Advancing Manufacturing Challenge Fund

APD // Air Passenger Duty

BPF // Bus Partnership Fund

BSI // British Standards Institution

BSIP // Bus Service Improvement Partnership

CAP // Common Agricultural Policy

CARES // Community and Renewable Energy Scheme

CCS // Carbon Capture and Storage

CESAP // Climate Emergency Skills Action Plan

COSLA // Convention of Scottish Local Authorities

COSS // Community Ownership Support Service

CPS // ChargePlace Scotland

CSIC // Construction Scotland Innovation Centre

CSO // Civil Society Organisations

DYW // Developing the Young Workforce

ELC // Early Learning and Childcare

EPC // Energy Performance Certificate

EPR // Extended Producer Responsibility

ESA // Energy Skills Alliance

EU // European Union

EV // Electric Vehicle

FAS // Farm Advisory Service

FFBC // Farming for a Better Climate

FTE // Full-Time Equivalent

GDP // Gross Domestic Product

HIAL // Highlands and Islands Airports Limited

IMO // International Maritime Organisation

IPCC // Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

kWh // Kilowatt-hour

LED // Light-Emitting Diode

LHEES // Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategies

LCF // Low Carbon Fuels

LCITP // Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme

LCMCF // Low Carbon Manufacturing Challenge Fund

MIG // Minimum Income Guarantee

MSIP // Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc

MSP // Minister of Scottish Parliament

MVP // Minimum Viable Product

NCAPP // Natural Capital Pilot Programme

NESA // National Energy Skills Accelerator

NGOs // Non-Governmental Organisations

NHS // National Health Service

NMIS // National Manufacturing Institute Scotland

NMP // National Marine Plan

PAS // Publically Available Specification

PB // Participatory Budgeting

POBAS // Piloting an Outcomes Based Approach in Scotland

R100 SBVS // R100 Scottish Broadband Voucher Scheme

RLUP // Regional Land Use Partnership

SAF // Sustainable Aviation Fuels

SAP // Standard Assessment Procedure

SBCF // Scottish Blue Carbon Forum

SCCAN // Scottish Communities Climate Action Network

SCDC // Scottish Community Development Centre

SECR // Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting

SMAS // Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service

SME // Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

TCV // The Conservation Volunteers

UBI // Universal Basic Income

UNCRC // United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

UNESCO-IPBC // United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, International Partnership for Blue Carbon

UK // United Kingdom

UK ETS // United Kingdom Emissions Trading Scheme

WEEE // Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

WRAP // Waste and Resources Action Programme

WTO // World Trade Organisation