Goal: Lead the way in minimising the carbon emissions caused by necessary travel and transport by investing in the exploration and early adoption of alternative fuel sources across all travel modes. – 93%


Ferry and Vessel Emissions: Improve regulation about emissions from ferries (and other vessels used to transport goods around Scotland) so that high carbon emitting vessels are replaced with low carbon, modern alternatives, and ensure that the Scottish public sector fleet achieves a 50% cut in total carbon emissions by 2030. – 97%

Invest in Alternative Fuels and Green Incentives: Reduce the number of petrol and diesel vehicles in Scotland by investing in the development of alternative green fuels and increasing awareness of, and the level of, incentives available to support the transition to zero tailpipe emission vehicles. – 96%

Children’s Parliament: Lower price of electric cars and have a renting scheme until people have saved up enough money to buy them.

Research & Development for Zero Carbon Air Travel: Help Scottish industry to become a leader in sustainable short-distance plane technology by increasing research and development into zero-carbon fuel for air travel. – 93%

Electric Vehicle Charging: Create convenient electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure by 2025, focussed around community demand and lifestyle, in balance with other needs for use of space. – 91%

Children’s Parliament: Make lots of electric car, scooter and bike charging points available for people to use.

Children’s Parliament: Ban diesel and petrol cars from being made and sold in Scotland. Instead, we can help make electric cars in Scotland.

Decarbonise Internal Flights: Commit to working to decarbonise all internal flights within Scotland by 2025. – 87%

Image of Assembly member Alex

Alex, Assembly Member

“As an electrician, the tidal power and the wind power and all these electrical things, the whole gambit, I like all these things highlighted. They’re cleaner energies, these new technologies, they’re going to help mankind so they were obviously a big part of my thoughts.”