Goal: Develop and implement a fair, equitable and transparent tax system that drives carbon emission reductions, while recognising different abilities to pay, and generates revenue to enable energy transition. – 85%


Incentives for Green Jobs Training: Introduce tax incentives for training / retraining for green jobs, aimed at those industries which are set to grow rapidly, to support the replacement of existing high-carbon jobs in the transition to net zero. – 92%

Tax High Carbon Resources: Introduce a tax on producers that use high carbon resources in their manufacturing processes. – 87%

Children’s Parliament: Make items that are not good for the environment a higher price.

Carbon Land Tax: Introduce a carbon land tax which taxes emissions created through land use and penalise land currently emitting more carbon than it captures. – 81%

Frequent Flyer Tax or Levy: Discourage air travel by introducing a frequent flier tax or levy. – 78%

Children’s Parliament: Make prices for flying higher.

Children’s Parliament: Make fresh, organic food cheaper. Make junk, processed and imported food more expensive

Food Carbon Tax and Subsidy: Introduce a carbon tax on food, based on the carbon intensity of food production, and use the revenue to subsidise sustainable foods. – 77%

Carbon Tax and Dividend: Introduce a carbon tax and dividend scheme - based on the polluter pays principle- so that for every tonne of CO2 emitted you pay a tax. – 77%

Children’s Parliament: Make businesses pay for their waste and impact on the environment.

Tax High Carbon Aviation Fuels: Reduce the incentives to fly by introducing tax on high carbon aviation fuels and making it mandatory that this cost is passed on to the customer in their ticket price. – 72%

Increase Road Tax to Subsidise Public Transport: Phase in increased road taxes for private car use and use the revenue to subsidise public transport. – 63%