Goal: Lead by example through government and the public sector implementing mandatory standards, regulations and business practices that meet the urgency and scale of the climate emergency. – 94%


Building and Trading Standards: Strengthen Building and Trading Standards to quality assure energy efficiency work carried out by private companies, to make sure it actually delivers emission reductions to homes. – 96%

Greenfield and Brownfield Development: Strengthen planning restrictions immediately so that development on greenfield sites should not be permitted until all other development options, such as brownfield and existing building repurposing, have been considered and legitimately rejected. – 95%

Net Zero Public Sector by 2030: Require all public sector buildings, vehicles and supply chains to be net zero by 2030 with an interim target of 75% by 2027 and a target for absolute zero by 2035. – 93%

Sustainable Public Sector Procurement: Introduce a public sector procurement requirement for companies to provide details of their sustainability performance (measured against agreed standards) in any tenders for work, and for this to be used alongside costs in making the final decision on whom to select. – 93%

Public Service Vehicles: Make it mandatory for all public service vehicles (ambulances, police cars etc.) to have zero tailpipe emissions, extending to delivery vans and public transport where possible – 91%

Benchmarked Standards: Establish strengthened benchmarked standards and set a requirement for public organisations and private companies to measure their annual progress on the path to net zero and publish this in a clear and transparent way. – 91%

Electricity Generation: Produce a green paper contrasting different methods of electricity generation focusing on capacity to meet baseload, £ per KWH, embodied carbon, safety and environmental impact and use this paper to plan Scotland electricity generation in the future. – 90%

Climate Change Business Bill: Introduce a ‘Climate Change Business Bill’, to be enacted within the next five years, which sets climate impact standards and requires all businesses to assess the carbon emissions of their business practices on climate change (against variable criteria depending on the size of the business). Establish an independent climate change regulatory authority to inspect, audit and ensure compliance. – 86%

Plant-based and Low Carbon Food: Immediately require government and public services to procure plant based and low carbon food for all public sector catering and canteens. – 85%

Children’s Parliament: Make more plant-based, animal-free options available in schools, nurseries and places where people work.