Goal: Retrofit the majority of existing homes in Scotland to be net zero by 2030, while establishing Scotland as a leader in retrofit technology, innovation and installation practice. – 94%


Workforce Development and Retraining: Invest in workforce development and retraining to deliver retrofitting and construction work to high standards and ensure we have the ability to implement an ambitious retrofit plan across Scotland. – 98%

Implement Fuel Poverty Strategy by 2030: Ensure the Fuel Poverty Strategy, as required by the Fuel Poverty (Targets, Definition and Strategy) (Scotland) Act (2019) but currently still in its 2018 draft form, is implemented immediately and is effective by 2030 not 2040. – 98%

Retrofit All Existing Homes by 2030: Develop an ambitious plan across Scotland to enable the retrofitting of all existing homes by 2030 to be net zero. – 97%

Robust Retrofit Quality Standards: Ensure immediate development of robust quality standards for assessing what needs to be done to retrofit existing homes to become net zero. – 96%

Children’s Parliament: Give money and help to people who struggle to heat their homes.

Decarbonise Heating by 2030: Scotland should lead the way in reducing to net zero the carbon emissions caused by domestic and non-domestic heating systems, by investing in the exploration and early adoption of alternative fuel sources for buildings, and where possible decarbonise the gas grid and heating systems by 2030. – 96%

Grants to Retrofit Homes: Make a grant available to ALL homeowners in Scotland by 2025 to bring their houses to zero emissions standards by 2030, starting by prioritising houses in fuel poverty. – 93%

Image of Calum, Assembly Member

Calum, Assembly Member

“I am pleased that we recognised the value of our existing buildings and the embodied carbon that they have locked up. They are an important component in the battle against climate change. Reusing and repurposing our existing buildings is better than demolishing them and building new on greenfield sites.”

Image of Assembly Member Marion

Marion, Assembly Member

“[I am most proud of the recommendation] which gives everyone the chance to retrofit their homes affordably. The affordability was really important to me. I was on a soapbox a few times, but it was because I knew from my own circumstances I couldn’t afford to do anything like that, so it had to be across the board no matter what.”