Goal: Provide everyone with accurate information, comprehensive education, and lifelong learning across Scotland to support behavioural, vocational and societal change to tackle the climate emergency, and ensure everyone can understand the environmental impact of different actions and choices. – 92% 


Change Energy Efficiency Culture: Drive culture change to enable the public to understand that improving energy efficiency in homes is the responsible thing to do. – 95%

Children’s Parliament: Help people understand what they can do to tackle climate change. This would involve having adverts on TV and social media about creating less waste, buying less things, buying local products, travelling less to different countries, and saving energy.

Sustainable Diet Public Information Campaigns: Initiate public information campaigns, including education for children and families, that deliver accessible advice and information on transitioning to a sustainable diet. – 94%

Education Programmes: Include carbon emissions and reduction topics in all relevant education programmes. – 92%

Children’s Parliament: Launch a national plant-based diet week to raise awareness.

Children’s Parliament: Teach children and adults about environmentally-friendly diets and reducing food waste.

Employment Training Campaigns: Run a public information campaign about training opportunities, in order to attract people into greener industries, including targeted information for people currently working in ‘brown’ sectors such as oil and gas and in sectors that are dependent on oil and gas. – 92%

Education on Sustainable Transport: Provide education for all to support the transition from car use to public and active transport so people recognise the climate impacts and change behaviours willingly. – 91%

Local Living and Four Day Week: Raise public awareness on the value that can be achieved for climate change by embracing localised living and a 4-day, or reduced, working week. – 80%

Children’s Parliament: Make sure children and young people have information about the climate emergency in Scotland.

Children’s Parliament: Make sure all children and adults learn about climate change.

Image of Assembly member Imaobong

Imaobong, Assembly Member

“As the saying goes, “Knowledge is power”. Education is a vital key to information, choices and actions. When everyone has access to clear, accurate information and constant reminder in enrolling in a life long learning, they would become more aware and understand clearly the impact of their actions on the environment.”