Goal: Empower communities to be able to develop localised solutions to tackle climate change. – 91% 


Community Low Carbon Heating: Provide government incentives for local authorities and social housing providers to work with communities to develop low carbon heating systems in neighbourhoods. – 96%

Community Engagement: Provide government support for community engagement, to empower local people to make decisions around their needs and conduct transparent consultations. – 94%

Community Land Ownership Reform: Empower local communities to manage underused, unproductive, and/or unoccupied land around them in ways that address the climate emergency through rapid and decisive movement on land ownership reform. – 90%

Funding for Community Action Projects: Introduce a pot of money for community projects (this could be ring-fenced money collected from Land Carbon taxes) to be used to invest in community-based climate action projects e.g. rewilding, peatland restoration, growing projects. – 88%

Enhance Community Right to Buy: Enhance Community Right to Buy legislation to make it easier for communities to take ownership of unproductive land for climate action, alongside providing clear policy guidance on how community owned land should be managed. – 86%

Image of Assembly member Allan

Allan, Assembly Member

“[I am most proud of] recommendations involving community participation as I feel that a lot can be achieved when people work together. When the lockdown started, the first thing that happened was a WhatsApp from the younger neighbours, ‘if you need anything, just ask.’ I think the community could do a lot more, to help themselves but also to bring everybody together.”

Image of Assembly member Fiona

Fiona, Assembly Member

“Empower communities to be able to develop localised solutions to tackle climate change - I feel this goal is personally something I can then be involved in and encourage others to do as well. Knowing that within my local community we can take measures to make a real difference and feel proud of being part of the change!”