Goal: Support long term, sustainable business models where people and the environment are considered before profit, and the carbon footprint of working practices are reduced. – 91% 


Eliminate Frequent Flyer and Air Mile Bonuses: Eliminate frequent flier and air-mile bonuses to reduce the number of flights taken for business, encouraging the use of alternatives like video conferencing for meetings. – 92%

Incentivise Cooperative Models of Land Use: Incentivise cooperative models of land use / land management, and partnerships between farming and other uses, that drive sustainable agriculture and move away from intensive farming and reliance on pesticides. – 90%

Incentivise Green Business Models: Provide government incentives for green business models, such as bronze/silver/gold awards or funding to reward sustainable practices and innovation for adaptation to climate change impacts. – 88%

Wellbeing Before Profit: Prioritise funding and support for businesses that:

- look after wellbeing before profit;
- provide community benefits; and/or,
- are staff owned or cooperatives. – 82%

Universal Basic Income: Explore introduction of a Universal Basic Income to help improve the fairness of reducing hours at work, combined with a practical pilot/feasibility study which includes measuring environmental impact. – 77%

Four Day Working Week: Introduce a 4-day (or 32 hour) working week as standard, based on research to explore where and in what sectors it would work best, and backed by incentives to compensate for the cost of employing more people. – 71%

Children’s Parliament: Shorten work and school hours. This is so people can have more time to do things like grow their own food, plant trees and repair things at home or in their area.

Image of Assembly member Kelly

Kelly, Assembly Member

“I think the most challenging part of addressing climate change is shifting people’s mindsets and culture. The issue of time and money seemed to come up as barriers to change. I think a 4 day week can create a better work/life balance that could really make an impact to help make that shift.”