The Investigation

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, this work was facilitated digitally and remotely. The children’s investigation into climate change for the Climate Assembly had two key components: 

Interactive, Digital Survey 

The 100 Members of Children’s Parliament (MCPs) across Scotland completed interactive, digital surveys in October, January and February which explore their views and ideas on what needs to happen in Scotland to tackle climate change. Each survey was complemented by a small group workshop delivered by a supporting adult from the children’s school using materials designed and provided by Children’s Parliament. There was a creative element to the survey, such as creating and uploading a piece or art or short audio/film clip. 

Findings from Survey 1
Here is an infographic highlighting some of the key findings from the first survey, completed by the 100 children across Scotland in October 2020. The full results from the survey can be viewed here.

Children’s Vision for the Future
As part of the first survey, children were invited to illustrate their vision for Scotland in the future if we work together to tackle, and adapt to, climate change. We will be posting a gallery of these ideas soon.

Findings from Survey 2
Here are the results from the second survey.

Findings from Survey 3
Here are the results from the third survey.


The Investigation

In addition, Children’s Parliament worked with 12 children from 4 of the 10 participating schools to analyse the findings from their peers gathered in the surveys and to further explore the core climate change themes (discussed by the Citizen’s Assembly) through creative, participatory methods and activities.

The 12 MCP Investigators met twice a month on an online video call facilitated by the Children’s Parliament team. Each month, the children were sent short, fun and creative activities to prepare in advance of the calls. These 'mission packs' can be downloaded here.